With “You” Saeyers unveils a vaporous & melancholic Mid-Fi Pop – Delicieuse Musique

He comes from Bloomington, Indiana, is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, his name is Marshall Lewis (Marshall Lewis Baker) and operates under the name of Saeyers. It's isolated in his room in Baker that the American cooks aMid-Fi Pop loaded with vaporous synths and textured 60's guitars for a look that could be called Modern Yatch Rock.It is on Nice Guys Records that Saeyers signs his latest single "You", although more melancholic, this last ... [Lire la suite]

Saint Dx brilliantly continues its solo journey with “Prime Of Your Life” – Delicieuse Musique

After heating up the stage for Charlotte Gainsbourg's tour this summer, Saint DX is back with a new single "Prime Of Your Life". Saint Dx is the solo project of Aurélien Hamm, former member of the group Apes & Horses. His music, like his name, smells like the synthetic Pop of the 80s and 90s. Saint'Dx' is a direct reference to the famous "Yamaha DX7" synthesizer that can be found on many of the records released at that time.After a remarkable ... [Lire la suite]